Using Your Magic To Create The Life You Want

When it comes to cultivating a life we love, sometimes it can feel daunting running through our mind with the millions of steps it would take to get there. Sometimes it feels hard – or just simply impossible to create the life of your dreams. In this post, I want to share with you six simple steps to using your magic to create the life of your dreams.

Everyone has magic. It lives within us and we use this magic to cultivate the lives we live. Some of us may not even know it, but using our magic is something that we do on an everyday basis.

Have you ever thought for a moment why things just seem to keep happening to you? Maybe you run into the same types of people in your relationships and life just seems so hard. Have you ever felt that you were on a never-ending spiral of things just simply not working out? If you’ve ever felt this way, it simply is because you’ve been using your magic unconsciously to create the world you live in.

Whether it’s a job you despise or a relationship that isn’t going anywhere, you can change your life to one you absolutely love. When you think about your current situation, do you feel grateful for where you are right now in life or do you hate the place you’re in? Regardless of how you feel, you’re exactly where you are because deep down, that is exactly where you want to be.

In other words, our thoughts equal things that create our outer world. In order to change your life, you must change your mind. Instead of complaining about a situation, you must use your power to change it – otherwise it will be another day, replaying the same old story, with zero growth.

Here are simple ways in which you can cultivate change.

Take small action steps towards your goal

When focusing on your goal, focus on the very first step you can take to get one step closer to your dreams. If your dream is to one day buy a house in a nice neighborhood but you need to work on saving more money and also working on building your credit, make a conscious decision to find a higher paying job so that you’re able to save more and also pay off debt.

Make a decision that you deserve the life you dream of

Many times, people feel they are undeserving of something and they put their dreams off to the side because they believe they just won’t happen for them. Make a conscious effort to feel the feeling of believing that what you desire can be yours. Imagine how it would feel to have the keys to your brand-new home that you worked for and now are able to have. How does it feel? Live in that feeling.

Be crystal clear about what you want

When you’re creating your dream life, be crystal clear that the life you want is really want you want. Don’t think about what someone else might want for you. What do you want for you? Really sit in this space. Not even the sky is the limit.

Let it go

When it comes to dreams, don’t cling on to them for dear life. Acknowledge them, put in the work to obtain them and sit back and enjoy the process to getting what you want. When you cling to something, you push it further away from you. Be okay with knowing that what you want may come in a different form, or be delivered to you in a way you never expected, beyond your wildest dreams.

Know That it Will Happen

Know that what you’ve asked for is coming; it’s just a matter of time. Enjoy the ride to getting to your goal and make sure that you continue to take your tiny steps to tick off your list of getting what you want. Don’t rush the process, and keep calm about it. Knowing and feeling deep down inside that what you want is happening for you is an amazing feeling. Enjoy the process and live in the moment.

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